Render 3D

Make photorealistic images of your ideas

it’s not just our job but it’s our passion!

Our renderings allow you to present your products before making them.
In this way you reduce the initial investments for the development of the product and it allows you to study it in more depth.
Renderings (whether they are 3D images or videos) are captivating and allow you to capture the attention of the clients.
Studio Panico offers multiple solutions:
basic modeling of the object, 3D rendering (three-dimensional images), animated 3D videos, 360° images (visible both normally with the PC and with the VR virtual reality viewer). Furthermore, we even create interactive animations in which it is possible to walk inside the building, like a video game.
The prices below are indicative because each job is different.

We recommend that you contact us to request a quote and for more information.



From € 100 (1 simple object, e.g. table, mug)

Starting from your project we create the 3D model.



From 120 € (includes 3 views of a room)

The purpose of making the renderings of a product is to create a connection with the customers and communicate a message.

We design each image specifically for your target.



360° VIEW

From € 100 (1 Panoramic image 360°)

We can create beautiful panoramic images 360° that will give you the impression of truly immersing yourself in your project.



From € 300 (a 30″ video, like the example on the side)

The 3D animations we create become crucial for your communication strategy, because have the ability to engage and attract the viewer.



From 300€

We create virtual scenes that allow you to immerse yourself completely in the project until you can interact like a video game.

We use the most advanced virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

We have made many renderings, these are just a few examples:

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